• Sisal-Fibre.com is a group of manufacturers and exporters of natural sisal fibre and sisal fibre products.
  • Each member of the group is a verified manufacturer/exporter of sisal fibre - registered with Directorate General Foreign Trade (DGFT), India.
  • Post your enquiry here and your message will reach concerned manufacturers and exporters of Indian - who in turn will contact you directly with their offers. You deal directly with actual sellers.
  • All transactions are direct between buyers and actual sellers, ensuring lowest transaction cost and time. No middleman is involved anywhere in the chain.
  • Sponsored by infobanc.com - leading b2b portal for Indian manufacturers and exporters - Sisal-fibre.com is always ready to help you with market and product information, buyers, sellers, opportunities at India and abroad, news, related organizations etc. Please feel free to contact us for any help/assistance you may need anytime.

By interacting with Sisal-Fibre.com - you will receive responses from more than 200 reliable manufacturers/exporters of sisal fibre and sisal fibre products etc. from all over India, significantly adding product varieties and price quotes in your sourcing kit.

We understand your requirement and special features of your country, so much so that high quality products are supplied in a variety of forms - wholesale pack, individual branded pack, bulk sale or any other form as specified by you.

Competitive price is assured as you are interacting with multiple sellers - members of the conglomeration will compete with each other to give you the best possible price - significantly reducing your sourcing time and effort.